these are some rough versions of my songs for two extremely special people that I love very much

happy bananaversary

Reality is Horrible, Darling
Anxia Unnatural

Anxia Unnatural | Reality is Horrible, Darling

Probably nothing, right? VERSION 2
Anxia Unnatural
((not on album yet or other unused versions))

Anxia Unnatural | Probably nothing, right? 2nd version

I wrote this while I was visiting Santa Cruz a couple weeks ago.  Just rerecorded it.

i wrote and recorded this in january and i just relistened to it.  at the time I thought the lyrics were too self-indulgent it was hard to take myself seriously.  But listening to it again it’s worth existing, perhaps I’ll explore it further.  here have the ridiculous lyrics


Light my fuse
tonight we’ll be breathing in our skin
This pool is immersing me in illusion
this escape is what I was trying to escape
and i can’t help but hide
Don’t take me home
Cause I don’t have a home
It’s a cloud make of light
Reflecting off the sea
but how many oceans does it take
to wash me away

(just shut up
no ones wants to hear my whining bullshit
I talk about how worthless I feel
maybe it’s because i am
i could be trying to help someone
or living a full life
instead I just curl up into a ball and hide
just die
shut up
no one should care
least of all me)

second new demo

cover art by Reba Overkill


First of two new demos.

diy for better or worse

Could you post the lyrics for all your songs? Thanks!

here you go, I’ll add to this as I release stuff.